No, You Cannot Shoot Someone on Fifth Avenue and Get Away With It

Last night I attended the Vigil in Squirrel Hill and I realized that I have been complicit because of my lack of action during this troubling times. Some ideas:

Join us at Tuesdays with Toomey Pittsburgh every Tuesday, 12:00, Toomey’s office City-County Building

Fax Your senators daily and particularly Mitch McConnell about bringing Gun Control legislation to the floor.

Identify your representatives and write to them or use social media for contact

Register to vote and find others to register.

Explore Michael Moore’s 10-POINT ACTION PLAN TO STOP TRUMP

Join a local Group like Bend the Arc or Casa San Jose

Stay informed!!!! My favorite way is podcasts like Talking Feds and Mueller She Wrote and The Daily.

Your Thoughts...

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