Preparing To Relax

Make your environment quiet: turn off noises, remove pets, turn lights down but not off. Begin by letting the body become open: take off glasses and watches; let your hair down, remove anything that may restrict the flow of energy. Ensure you will stay warm-put on socks, a sweater, and/or cover yourself with blanket.

Make yourself comfortable as you lie on the floor. Bending the knees a little will allow the lower back to release to the floor. Place a folded blanket or bolster under them so the legs can relax. Allow the feet to fall inward or outward, whichever feels more relaxed. To really allow the sacrum to lie flat, slide your tailbone away from you. Next, let your arms lie beside you, palms face up and about a foot away from your hips. This will allow your shoulder blades to lie flat; snuggle them into the floor.

Lengthen the neck slightly by pointing the chin toward your feet. You can even roll your head from side to side a few times, until you find a comfortable position in the center.

Get all of your fighting over with: become still. Often, one or two deep breaths here with a loud sigh are delicious. Release your bones, let go completely- you are ready. Now close your eyes, time to relax.

The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga; Bernie Clark; Page 136

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