Schitt’s Creek

It’s hard to get a laugh out of me. One exception has been watching all five seasons of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. Having admitted this, it is difficult to contain my excitement for the sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek that starts tonight on POP TV.

It’s a simple fish-out-of-water concept, a rich family moving to a small town after going suddenly bankrupt. In the fantasy of sophisticated meets quaint, they encounter a small town striving to thrive in the midst of middle-class erosion. It all works: the writing, the plot and most of all, the characters.

The family, Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis are all pitch perfect. Supporting them is a treasure trove. My two favorites are Motel clerk Stevie, so deadpan, it’s hard to figure out when she’s kidding and silly Jack of all trades, Bob.

A shout out and a thank you to Schitt’s Creek for offering up such particular corkscrew kindness and weird warmth; making it something to look forward to, finally.

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