Memory Quilt 2019

Memory Quilt 2019
  • Favorite Deconstructed Denim
  • SilkDenim Flying Geese
  • Steve’s Painting Pants
  • Leftover Shirt Patches
  • Sandy’s Ugly Comforter Top
  • Hemp Shirt bought at Zen Center
  • Nana’s Caftan
  • Black Ribbed Turtleneck
  • Alex’s Table Cloth
  • Gottlieb Fabric
  • created print of Shekinu Embroidery
  • Ronda’s Hemp J Jill Jacket
  • Nicole Miller Pittsburgh Tie
  • Gabriel’s Sweater and Termal Top
  • Jody’s Danish Bread Basket
  • Heath’s Zen Robe
  • Print Shop Canvas Bag
  • Steve’s Indian Sack made into Bag
  • Special Olympics Golf Shirt
  • Tie Dye Tee-Shirts
  • Green Embroidered Tee
  • J Jill Pale Pink Textured Tee
  • Blue Fish Tee

2 Thoughts

  1. Arnie Rosenberg says:

    It’s really beautiful if your into Quilts.

  2. Arnie Rosenberg says:

    There is a meaning matching the name of the quilt and the quilt itself.

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