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Sunday, August 13th, 2017

The Result Of A President Bigot

Large Adult Goat

Imagine if these people faced actual oppression.
Nobody is trying to legislate away their right to marry.
Nobody is trying to make them buy insurance to pay for “male health care.”

The law never…
Enslaved their great-grandparents
Robbed their grandparents
Imprisoned their parents
Shot them when unarmed.

There is no massive effort at the state and local level to disenfranchise them of the vote. There is no history of centuries of bad science dedicated to “proving” their intellectual inferiority. There is no travel ban on them because of their religion. There is no danger for them when they carry dangerous weapons publicly.

Their churches were never burned. Their lawns were never decorated with burning crosses. Their ancestors never hung from trees.

Their mothers aren’t being torn away by ICE troopers and sent away forever. They won’t be forced to leave the only country they ever knew. The president has not set up a hotline to report crime committed at their hands.

They are chanting “We will not be replaced.” Replaced… as what?

I’ll tell you.

Replaced as the only voice in public discussions. Replaced as the only bodies in the public arena. Replaced as the only life that matters.

THIS is ‘white people’ oppression: We used to be the only voice. Now we hold the only microphone. THIS is ‘white man’ oppression. We face criticism now. We were free from it, because others feared the consequences.

THIS is ‘oppression’ of white Christians in this country. Christmas used to be the only holiday acknowledged, now it’s not.

I would so love to see these people get all the oppression they insist they receive, just for a year. Just to see.

Give them a world where you ACTUALLY can’t say Christmas. A world where the name “Geoff” on a resume puts it in the trash. Give them a world where they suddenly get a 20% pay cut, and then 70 women every day tell them to smile more.

Give them a world where their polo shirt makes people nervous, so they’re kicked off the flight from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis.

Give them a world where they inherited nothing but a very real understanding of what oppression really f**king is.

Give them a world where if they pulled up on a campus with torches lit and started throwing hands, the cops would punch their eyes out. Put THAT in your Tiki torches and light it, you sorry Nazi b*****es.
Julius Goat@JuliusGoat

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Gerrymandering- Do we choose our legislators or do they choose us?

Fair Districts PA

It is past time for redistricting reform in PA. The current process is redistricting gone wrong—a process driven by partisan politics, mapping technology, big data, and outside money. The result is gerrymandering: the practice of manipulating voting districts to benefit parties, not people.

With Gerrymandering:
Your vote counts less.
We get fewer options at the ballot box.
Voters feel frustrated and disengage adding to increasing unaccountability.
Politicians lose civility and important problems remain unsolved.
We are left with a non-functional democracy.

Redistricting will next happen after the 2020 census. There is time to put fair redistricting standards into place by appointing an impartial, independent citizens commission to direct the process but we have to change the PA constitution:
Both the PA House and Senate must approve the fair-districts bill during a single session
Both the PA House and Senate must approve it again in the next session
Citizens must then ratify the amendment in a ballot referendum

The Bills:
PA Senate Bill 22, a bipartisan proposal introduced by Senators Lisa Boscola, a Democrat, and Mario Scavello, a Republican, in February 2017.

PA House Bill 722, a bipartisan proposal introduced by Representative Eric Roe, a Republican, and Representative Steve Samuelson, a Democrat, in April 2017.

Call your representatives and ask them to support SB 22 and HB 722 because they provide multiple safeguards for a fairer process, ensure a capable and demographically representative commission, and reduce the major political parties’ ability to manipulate district lines.

Take action and support independent redistricting to make your vote count as it should.

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Tisha B’Av 5777


Looking back at previous postings acknowledging Tisha B’Av, I find it sad and ironic that in 2013 I was attending a demonstration about the unfair systems of our democratic society. Today, I will go to my regular Tuesday with Toomey continuing the same protest of unfair systems of our democratic society.
When will it end? Where will it stop? We must continue to #resist!

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

First No Russia, Then No Collusion, Now That’s Politics, What Next????


Big chunks of the story are on the record, or have happened in full view of the public. We’ve got Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., having released emails that showed him helping to arrange a meeting between Russian contacts and Trump campaign officials in the hopes of obtaining damaging information on Hillary Clinton. We’ve got Trump having fired the FBI Director, James Comey, for reasons he later told NBC News were related to the FBI’s investigation into Russia. And we’ve got a special counsel, Mueller, having been appointed and reportedly investigating Trump for obstruction of justice. Nate Silver

This healthcare legislation is so confusing and threatening that it’s easy to let it side track our attention. BUT LISTEN AND WATCH: the bigger action is the Trump-Russia story.

Listen closely to Eric Swalwell on Rachel Maddow last night.

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Loving Acceptance


You cannot control the world, the country, your town, the mood swings of those you love, but you can try to create around you a little bit of space that is all your own, a place where the rules of interaction you’ve chosen make sense and your actions have integrity. Sharon Salzberg

Clearly recognizing what is happening inside us, and regarding what we see with an open, kind and loving heart, is what I call Radical Acceptance. If we are holding back from any part of our experience, if our heart shuts out any part of who we are and what we feel, we are fueling the fears and feelings of separation that sustain the trance of unworthiness. Radical Acceptance directly dismantles the very foundations of this trance. Tara Brach

May the roots of suffering diminish. May warfare, violence, neglect, indifference, and addiction also decrease.
May the wisdom and compassion of all beings increase, now and in the future.
May we clearly see all the barriers we erect between ourselves and others to be as insubstantial as our dreams.
May we appreciate the great perfection of all phenomena.
May we continue to open our hearts and minds, in order to work ceaselessly for the benefit of all beings.
May we go to the places that scare us.
May we lead the life of a warrior. Pema Chödrön

May I be peaceful, happy, and light in body and spirit.
May I be safe and free from injury.
May I be free from anger, afflictions, fear and anxiety.

May I learn to look at myself with the eyes of of understanding and love.
May I be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in myself.
May I learn to identify and see the sources of anger, craving, and delusion in myself.

May I know how to nourish the seeds of joy in myself every day.
May I be able to live fresh, solid, and free.
May I be free from attachment and aversion, but not indifferent.

Love is not just the intention to love, but the capacity to reduce suffering, and offer peace and happiness. The practice of love increases our forbearance, our capacity to be patient and embrace difficulties and pain. Forbearance does mean that we try to suppress pain. Thich Nhat Hanh

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

To Understand The Roots Of Collusion, Follow The Money

Trump Russian doll

To understand the roots of the collusion, set aside Putin and follow the money.In the endless pursuit of the Russia-Trump collusion story, we sometimes forget a key element: this whole mess began with money, not with election interference. The connections between Trump and Russia were forged years ago, well before he developed any serious political inspirations, and were focused on the shady schemes of Russian oligarchs and their dealings with Trump. Understanding the roots of the collusion means setting aside the usual narrative – Putin wants to destroy American democracy – and following the money first. Seva Gunitsky

Read the details HEREthe article.

Monday, July 10th, 2017

BE SURE TO ALWAYS Follow The Money

Money Trump

Naomi Klein‘s new book NO IS NOT ENOUGH is right on the money. It’s more than just the man. The Republican party is using Donald Trump’s mental instability, out-of-control ego and general man-babyness to distract from their policies, which are savaging environmental standards and already-inadequate financial regulations. Trumpism is the logical conclusion of our current political system as his administration pushes through one after another of its right-wing agenda of disaster capitalism.

Get a copy of the book HERE.
Watch the video HERE.
Do an action with her five point plan:
1. Know what’s coming.
2. Get out of your home and defy the bans.
3. Know your history.
4. Always follow the money.
5. Advance a bold counter plan.

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Pussies Of America Finds A Home

Silk_Pussies of America detal2

Silk_Pussies Of America

To: Women and Girls Foundation
100 W. Station Square Drive; Suite 315
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

It is my pleasure to gift you: Pussies Of America; 42”H X 54”H; Recycled denim, tee-shirt knits, Perle Cotton; Hand Embroidery, Hand Appliqué, Machine Piecing; $1200.00; 2017.

Pussies of America was one of over 500 quilts made in response to an open call entitled Threads Of Resistance. Pussies of America references a quilt I made in 1991 as part of The Great American Quilt Festival sponsored by the Museum of American Folk Art. My quilt, Stars of America, featured fifty stars arranged as stars on a flag and highlighted fifty unique American items such as MICKEY MOUSE, ROUTE 66, APPLE PIE, and LEVI JEANS. It is now archived at the Heinz History Center.

For Pussies of America, I replaced the stars with fifty individual pussy hats, representing the handmade pink hats made to provide a unique collective visual statement of support and solidarity for women’s rights, first used during the Women’s March on Washington on November 23, 2016 and now as a continuing sign of protest.

On each hat is a hand-embroidered protest statement taken from the signs held at the march including such statements as: NOT MY PRESIDENT, I AM A WOMAN. WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER?, PUSSIES AND RIGHTS ARE NOT UP FOR GRABS, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE, I’VE SEEN SMARTER CABINETS AT IKEA, OUR BODY OUR MINDS OUR POWER, and THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

Monday, June 26th, 2017

The Power of Seventy



Seventy is made of two perfect numbers, seven- representing perfection and ten- representing the ten commandments and the completeness of The Holy One’s law, symbolizing perfect spiritual order carried out with all power.

Midrash: The Holy One, Who has seventy Names, gave the Torah, which has seventy names, to Israel, which has seventy names (Numbers 11:16), and which originated from seventy people who went down to Egypt with Jacob (Genesis 46:8-27), and was chosen from among seventy nations (Genesis chapter 10), to celebrate seventy holy days in the year (52 Sabbaths and 18 festivals, including the Intermediate Days between Passover and Succot). The Torah was transmitted to seventy elders (Midrash Yelamdeinu), and safeguarded by the Sanhedrin of seventy Sages (Numbers 11:16) … There are seventy facets to the Torah (Zohar, Genesis 36), which was translated into seventy languages to make it understandable to the seventy nations (Sotah 32a), and was engraved on seventy stones after Israel crossed the Jordan (Deuteronomy 27:8) on their way to the Holy Land. Jerusalem, which has seventy names, built the Temple with seventy pillars. On Succot, seventy sacrifices were offered (Numbers 29:13-34) for the sake of the seventy nations of the world who have seventy representatives among the heavenly angels.

Judah Loew ben Bezalel, The Maharal of Prague: The number seven represents the entirety of this natural world, which was created in seven days (six days of creation, completed on the Sabbath). Any number times ten represents its expanded full potential – seventy of something represents all the potential facets of that thing in the natural world.

Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, the son of the late Moshe Feinstein: The seventy languages used by Moses parallel the seventy facets of Torah; each speaks to one of the seventy characteristics with which G-d has populated the world. The number seventy symbolizes that every national trait can be harnessed for holy purposes.

Mark Twain on his seventieth birthday: It is the time of life when you arrive at a new and awful dignity; when you may throw aside the decent reserves which have oppressed you for a generation, and stand unafraid and unabashed upon your seven-terraced summit and look down and teach – unrebuked. You can tell the world how you got there. It is what they all do. I have been anxious to explain my own system this long time, and now at last I have the right.

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

How I spent my 67th Birthday

Slime Hands

Slime supplies

I hesitated to report on this, but an article in today’s New York Times convinced me other wise. For a host of reasons, I’m not to good at birthdays, so I was thrilled to find a reason to down-play mine with a visit to help with the grandchildren.

When I arrived, I found them involved in small business endeavors. The older one was making and selling slime; the younger one was opening a lemonade stand. What fun!

One of the things I appreciate about textile arts as opposed to other art mediums and why I have always gravitated to fiber is the simple nature of the materials. It’s not very messy to cut and sew.

If you would have told me, even a month ago, that I would spend my birthday wrist high in slime, I would have laughed and say no way. But then, where grandchildren are concerned, limits will be stretched and the unthinkable becomes reality.

What a great way to prevent the onset of old-age.

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

More on Ego


The ego Personality, even while completely desiring and longing for freedom, resists moving toward it, because it fears its own annihilation.
Dear Reader: Do you sometimes feel like no matter how hard you try, you do not make the sort of progress you would like on your spiritual path? What is that? Do you lack something? Some genius for change? Were you wounded too deeply in childhood to receive your life’s dream, to be with God, to awaken?
Please note: There is an active force that holds you back! The same part of you that searches also looks longingly backward toward your own imprisonment. This is not a theory. It is a fact. Everything that lives has a force within it that makes it want to keep on living in the same way it has always lives. Your small self fears this new, unknown land you are trying to enter and actively seeks sanctuary in limitation- the very limitation you are trying to escape!
So don’t escape. Stop trying so hard. Open your mind and heart to this part that cannot go forward and cannot go backward. See its dilemma. If you do that, you will begin to notice a form of spiritual progress you never dreamed about. You will begin to come alive.
The Instruction Manual for Receiving God; Jason Shulman; pg. 125

Friday, June 16th, 2017

Stop Self-Blame


1.Guilt is a favorite “food” of the ego and it has no redeeming value.
2.The ego mind attempts to get us to focus on times other than the present. It uses the past to relive and reactivate pain, remorse, guilt and loss…It uses the future to create fear, anxiety and worry.
3.The ego mind offers external solutions to our internal problems. It always temps us to seek satisfaction, fulfillment, or power…from the outside.
4.The ego believes in all upside-down understandings of the world: love is dangerous, forgiveness is giving in, giving is losing, and peace is boring.
5.The ego blames sources for all our discomfort and perceives the power of relief as eternal as well.
6.The ego voice is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. As such, it offers solutions to fear, insecurity, and feelings of being unloved that never work. It always increases increases the problem by deceiving us with a lie.
7.The ego is the inner voice that always speaks first and loudest in response to virtually every situation, bringing more pain each time.
8.The ego thrives on being listened to…When not listened to or believed in, it starves.
9.The ego makes all sickness real and thinks it is of the body instead of the mind.
10.All condemnation and judgement come from the ego.
11.The ego identifies with weakness, littleness…inferior comparisons.
12.The ego pretends to be powerful through arrogance……
13.The ego believes that peace and happiness are things that happen to us if we are lucky and we have little or nothing to do with the “luck”.
14.The ego voice is usually the first voice we hear inside. We need to quiet its chatter…..to hear the voice of truth, the True Self.
15. The ego is behind any experience of struggle, pressure. judgement, and obsessing to “figure things out”.
16. All worry is from the ego. WE do not really worry about someone or our symptoms- we worry at them. The ego mind confuses worry with love. To worry is to attack and it amplifies the problem.
17. The ego opposes our trust in our identity with our True Self or the Higher Power when it draws us into worry.
18. The ego is identified with the body, which makes us think the body is our whole self and it is ruling, instead of seeing it as being the unconscious mind to be translated.
19. The ego’s motto is “Seek but do not find.”
20. In essence the ego can be said to be simply a fearful thought that creates an existential hell instead of heaven.
Your Power To Heal; Henry Grayson, PhD; pg.59-61

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