Slow Art Day

Kabbalah quilt


Silk_Port of Entry 1.4

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
Henry David Thoreau

I love it: a day to appreciate works of art. What could be better? Imagine what you might discover?

Slow Art Day is the global event to help more people discover the joy of looking at and loving art. Why Slow? When people look slowly at a piece of art they make personal individual discoveries

Tomorrow, April 27, people all over the world will look at five works of art for 10 minutes each and then meet with others over lunch to talk about their experience.

Simple by design, a brilliant idea, to focus on the art and the art of seeing.

Published by SilkQuilt

Pittsburgh-based fiber artist, Louise Silk, creates art that combines aesthetics and functionality with meaning and memories. From the influence of a 1972 MS Magazine article to the current SILKDENIM label, her quilt experiences culminate in a display of her particular capacity to use her patchwork skills to piece together just about anything into an aesthetic meaningful whole.

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