A Little Ray of MoonLight


This week we witnessed a spectacular celestial event: the alignment of Super, Blue and Eclipse Moon. Star gazers call it the Full Moon of Unity where the power of the individual joins the power to the people to brings us together as one heart, one voice, and one action.

I felt the moon’s power to bring us together listening to Joseph Kennedy’s response to the #notmypresident State of the Union. Read it, pass it on, feel the rays of moonlight that are among us.

Published by SilkQuilt

Pittsburgh-based fiber artist, Louise Silk, creates art that combines aesthetics and functionality with meaning and memories. From the influence of a 1972 MS Magazine article to the current SILKDENIM label, her quilt experiences culminate in a display of her particular capacity to use her patchwork skills to piece together just about anything into an aesthetic meaningful whole.

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