I am a Jewish, feminist, American, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, artist, quilt maker, business owner, educator, student, writer, and friend. I coined the term BubbeWisdom combining moral knowledge and common sense as it reflects upon and determines action that encourages human effort and ability to enhance the quality of life for all. 

I piece together philosophical values, physical consciousness, psychological emotions, ephemeral spirit to improve the likelihood of right action, in the right way, at the right time.

Bubbe and Zadie; 8″ H X 11″W, remand textiles, hand embroidery.

BubbeWisdom Values:

  • Precious life requires kavanah: intentional and conscious living.
  • Creating visual and written art inspires growth and learning.
  • Within a constant state of life-change, it is critical to emphasize the process itself and not simply to achieve an outcome.
  • Judaism affirms answers to purpose of life, free will, the nature of good and evil, the soul, and the afterlife that can work with other faith traditions and humanitarian approaches to advance world health and healing.

BubbeWisdom Goals:

  • To create a written legacy for my friends, family and community.
  • To communicate in a transparent positive manner.
  • To apply in daily practice Jewish faith and practice through learning, mitzvot, and tzedakah.
  • To combat prejudice, promote diversity, increase communication, advocate social justice and sanctify the earth.
  • To be accessible to the giving and receiving of information on life’s puzzles.
  • To move beyond everyday triviality into the depth of spirit that enacts astute decisions to benefit the greater good and enhance the quality of life.
  • To connect with a rational common-sense community of shared mission and purpose.
  • To live a live with dignity, humility and rightful action.
  • To maintain a sense of humor and prospective.

For Fiber Lovers:


With my daughter, Sarah, we re-make 100% recycled materials into individually hand-crafted objects. As part of SilkDenim, we offer both a core collection and unique one-of-a-kinds clothing, accessories and home goods.

Sarah’s Coat, up cycled denim.
Rasiel’s Mantle’s; 43” H X 63” W X 2” D; Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted Tee-Shirt Remnants, Old Quilt Remnant; 2020
Rasiel’s Mantle’s; 43” H X 63” W X 2” D; Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted Tee-Shirt Remnants, Old Quilt Remnant; 2017 Shown at Quilt National.
Archangel Michal; 58”W X 72”H X10”D; Hand Applied Jean Zippers; Hoodie, Jeans, Metal Mannequin; Cotton Crochet Thread; 2018. Shown at Fiberart International.


Over forty years of experience making quilts with meaning and memory.

To see what’s on my mind, please visit:

Memory Quilts

A Memory Quilt is any textile art created to remember something of significance. It can honor or memorialize a person, an event, or an achievement. It can help grieve a loss. These quilts and pillows are individually hand crafted from personal clothing and textiles provided by you creating a one-of-a-kind treasure to have and cherish.

Memory Pillows 16″ X 16″ Men’s ties and shirts

Check out my book:

The Quilting Path a guide to Spiritual Discovery through Fabric, Thread, and Kabbalah

Published by SkyLightPaths Publishing.

Louise Silk

Creating art for over forty years that celebrates the loving and healing capacity of spirit.



Living and working in Pittsburgh’s Historic SouthSide