A Book about Memory Quilts for Maya and Hailey

This year, as we light the first candle of Hanukkah on Thanksgiving, I am going to give my granddaughters something truly unique: a book I wrote for them about Memory Quilts.

The idea came originally from my son who wondered if I could tell his children family stories as part of my writing?

That lead me to the grandiose idea of a storybook full of family stories, but good sense told me to start small and so I began with the story about my personal memory quilt.

Maya and Hailey will each get a copy of the book and a personalized book mark made from fabric that relates to the story. Isn’t that cool?

Published by SilkQuilt

Pittsburgh-based fiber artist, Louise Silk, creates art that combines aesthetics and functionality with meaning and memories. From the influence of a 1972 MS Magazine article to the current SILKDENIM label, her quilt experiences culminate in a display of her particular capacity to use her patchwork skills to piece together just about anything into an aesthetic meaningful whole.

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