The Magic Of The Internet

Mit in drinnen, Sarah and I are working on a project with Style412 (more on that another time) and sales of one of our most practical totes- The Reusable Lightweight Packable Grocery Carry-All Recycled Shirts Bag Tote, Roll- up, Great for Produce, Versatile Packing start flowing into our inbox. It’s crazy for us- three atContinue reading “The Magic Of The Internet”

Approaching The Mountain

We are coming to the end of our count. Today, is Day 46, Netzach of Malchut, fully embracing our destiny with the indwelling of what we were, are and will be. As Sunday arrives, we complete our 49 days of observing all of the awesome seferotic interactions and we accept the perfectly imperfect combination ofContinue reading “Approaching The Mountain”

Weeks Four and Five: Netzach and Hod

I have always had trouble separating Netzach and Hod. I’m pretty sure it’s a common Kabbalistic problem. Presenting opposite each other at the bottom of the tree makes them too co-creatively interdependent to hold one without the other. However, this week and next help because when we take first netzach and then hod and experienceContinue reading “Weeks Four and Five: Netzach and Hod”

Counting The Omer Week Three: Tiferet

Tiferet is a challenging sefirot because of our tendency to elevate its importance making it seem central to our successful integration of the divine. The trick is to deflate its central idea of total acceptance and the goodness to be very simply inline with all of the other sefirot– one might call it the zenContinue reading “Counting The Omer Week Three: Tiferet”

Week Two of Counting The Omer: Gevorah

Yesterday, on the 10th day of the journey to Sinai, we explored tiferet v gevurah, the ability to temper our judgment of self, or others, or the journey itself allowing for the blended balance of beauty and power to pace ourselves throughout. Tiferet is the blueprint for change with balance, both internally and with othersContinue reading “Week Two of Counting The Omer: Gevorah”

Ritual For Moving From A Home

Candles wine or juice incense or sage something sweet Start in the main living area, light the candles, and remember the very first time you saw this room. Have a bite to eat and something to drink as you reminisce some important times or events that happened in this room. Light the incense and circleContinue reading “Ritual For Moving From A Home”

Week One-LovingKindness

Today, being day 2 of the counting of the omer, the emphasis is gevorah, strength, within chesed, lovingkindness. Yesterday, the first day, was pretty easy, chesed in chesed, transcendence through our capacity and practice to give and receive love, allows me to wash myself in overflowing loving kindness: I’ll do what I want, as IContinue reading “Week One-LovingKindness”