Dayneu Quilts: The Zen Circle

A year plus ago, I made the commitment to a 10 Year plan which helped me to zero in on the need to have a one person show- as a kind of summation of My Patchwork Life. This, my seventh one person exhibition, including fourteen quilts following its chapters, will occur in the fall ofContinue reading “Dayneu Quilts: The Zen Circle”


craft + activism = craftivism. Maker participation that uses the creative process making a stronger more compassionate voice, strengthening personal activism, connecting beyond the self, and making items that facilitate political thought and action. My age old question on the hierarchy of art and craft rears its ugly head: studio art vs fiber art vsContinue reading “Craftivism”

Program Application-Artist Statement

For over forty years I have been fashioning fiberart that celebrates the loving and healing capacity of spirit. In the seventies, an article in MS magazine about quilt making as a women’s art form lead me to patchwork as my chosen means of expression. In the eighties, leadership in our local fiberarts guild helped meContinue reading “Program Application-Artist Statement”

Upcycle Extreme

One of the biggest problems when deconstructing jeans for SilkDenim projects is what to do with all of the unused zippers? It would be a crime to throw them into the land fill but often it requires more time and energy that it’s worth to make something reusable from them. Thus the assignment was toContinue reading “Upcycle Extreme”

Directions For The Upcycled Denim Cube

Step One: Gather about 20 pairs of baby jeans. Step Two: Deconstruct the jeans into 6″ strips. Step Three: Build 6 blocks starting with a 6″ center and building out to 5 rows across and 5 rows down: Step Four: For the last row of the 6th side, incorporate the snaps of the inner legContinue reading “Directions For The Upcycled Denim Cube”

Quilter Extraordinaire

She said she had a lot of t-shirts. I told her I’m okay with that. I’m used to lots of shirts. I have a well honed system for taking a huge pile of shirts and extracting the logos to condense them into a magnificent, functional, memorable quilt. Still, she had more shirts than I haveContinue reading “Quilter Extraordinaire”


Every morning I awaken to a heart-warning cacophony of sights in the bedroom portion of our loft. It begins with a good night’s sleep on the great invention of a memory foam mattress and pillow.Coming to my senses I meander through the family photographs that line the ceiling beams feeling the persistent love and supportContinue reading “Nest”

Memory Quilt II

The need to cover a kitchen cart creates a desire to gather more meaningful remnants, listed in no particular order:Kaffe Fassett quilt fabricsborder fabric from Quilting Path Tree QuiltAlexander Henry fabric for Eli’s Quiltleftovers from Maya’s and Hailey’s first quiltMaryAnn’s batik skirtBen’s gatkesSarah’s ikatSilkThread batiksClassic 80s Hoffman border batikSunflower produced Shekianu fabricLeonard’s hand-stitched corduroy shirtFreda’sContinue reading “Memory Quilt II”