You Too Can Make A Big Bag

Since 2013 Sarah and I have been collaborating as SILKDENIM on the production of recycled Denim. Today, most of our sales come through our ETSY STORE when one our original and best selling products is OUR BIG BAG. Here is the info from our store: Originally inspired by the idea of making the reusable groceryContinue reading “You Too Can Make A Big Bag”

ReNew: The Words

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery This part of the ReNew Exhibition is a collaboration project with my daughter, Sarah Silk. Together, we are SilkDenim, re-making 100% recycled materials into individually crafted objects. We’re particularly attracted to denim because of its rugged practicality and unique ability to improve with age. ​Using recycled materials requires us toContinue reading “ReNew: The Words”

Renew: The Denim

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery The current #MeToo movement is an expanded global community of survivors from all walks of life highlighting the breadth and impact of a worldwide sexual violence. They demand perpetrators be held accountable and strategies implemented that sustain long term, systemic change. Dina, the daughter of Leah and Jacob,Continue reading “Renew: The Denim”

Denim by the Pound

Whitewashed figures daven deepConsidering the weight of timeCrushed and torn and cast awayA vintage shore their sanctum.She harvests them, denim by the pound. Her basket brims with archetypesThe demons and the gods alikeDance sacred weft and warpWeavers of the infinite loom.She blesses them, denim by the pound. A Zipper maps the spiritual pathA button unlocksContinue reading “Denim by the Pound”

Upcycle Extreme

One of the biggest problems when deconstructing jeans for SilkDenim projects is what to do with all of the unused zippers? It would be a crime to throw them into the land fill but often it requires more time and energy that it’s worth to make something reusable from them. Thus the assignment was toContinue reading “Upcycle Extreme”


Every morning I awaken to a heart-warning cacophony of sights in the bedroom portion of our loft. It begins with a good night’s sleep on the great invention of a memory foam mattress and pillow.Coming to my senses I meander through the family photographs that line the ceiling beams feeling the persistent love and supportContinue reading “Nest”

American Made

How does one grow a new evolving business to make its mark?A. Create a look and feel on InstagramB. Create a story around the products and the makersC. Get follows on Facebook and TumblrD. Try to catch the eye of someone famousE. All of the above In the effort to do All Of The Above,Continue reading “American Made”

Bring Your Bag, Your Silverware, Your Take-Out Container, Your Schmatta

June 30th was the last day anyone could legally use polystyrene foam products in New York City. This includes everything from plastic foam coffee cups to packaging peanuts. The reason is that they cannot be recycled and cause real environmental harm. Yesterday, grocery stores across the entire state of Hawaii are banned from distributing plasticContinue reading “Bring Your Bag, Your Silverware, Your Take-Out Container, Your Schmatta”

Introducing Our Better Than The Swedish Furniture Retailer’s Blue Bag

Top Ten Reasons I Love Our Better Than The Swedish Furniture Retailer’s Blue Bag10. I love IKEA’s idea of a hold-everything bag but I hate blue plastic.9. It has two kind of handles- making it versatile when holding.8. It is bigger than our Big Bag.7. It’s easier to make than our Big Bag.6. It isContinue reading “Introducing Our Better Than The Swedish Furniture Retailer’s Blue Bag”