Upcycle Extreme

One of the biggest problems when deconstructing jeans for SilkDenim projects is what to do with all of the unused zippers? It would be a crime to throw them into the land fill but often it requires more time and energy that it’s worth to make something reusable from them. Thus the assignment was toContinue reading “Upcycle Extreme”

American Made

How does one grow a new evolving business to make its mark?A. Create a look and feel on InstagramB. Create a story around the products and the makersC. Get follows on Facebook and TumblrD. Try to catch the eye of someone famousE. All of the above In the effort to do All Of The Above,Continue reading “American Made”

It Takes A Life Time

The big question that I am getting lately is- How long does it take you to make that? Oh my, what a loaded question. There are so many factors that go into each and every quilt: the purpose, the budget, the materials, and the use to name the most basic. That requires a face-to-face meetingContinue reading “It Takes A Life Time”