Pussies Of America Finds A Home

To: Women and Girls Foundation100 W. Station Square Drive; Suite 315Pittsburgh, PA 15219 It is my pleasure to gift you: Pussies Of America; 42”H X 54”H; Recycled denim, tee-shirt knits, Perle Cotton; Hand Embroidery, Hand Appliqué, Machine Piecing; $1200.00; 2017. Pussies of America was one of over 500 quilts made in response to an openContinue reading “Pussies Of America Finds A Home”

Quilt National 2017

I spend long days and nights absorbed in creative efforts. For each new project my jubilantly hopeful heart and mind identify significant ideas in need of expression and my hands enthusiastically dig into my multitude of resources. There is nothing like the action of creation. Creativity is one thing. Becoming a master is another. ItContinue reading “Quilt National 2017”

American Made

How does one grow a new evolving business to make its mark?A. Create a look and feel on InstagramB. Create a story around the products and the makersC. Get follows on Facebook and TumblrD. Try to catch the eye of someone famousE. All of the above In the effort to do All Of The Above,Continue reading “American Made”

Introducing Our Better Than The Swedish Furniture Retailer’s Blue Bag

Top Ten Reasons I Love Our Better Than The Swedish Furniture Retailer’s Blue Bag10. I love IKEA’s idea of a hold-everything bag but I hate blue plastic.9. It has two kind of handles- making it versatile when holding.8. It is bigger than our Big Bag.7. It’s easier to make than our Big Bag.6. It isContinue reading “Introducing Our Better Than The Swedish Furniture Retailer’s Blue Bag”

The Cost of A Gallbladder

For the record, the bills for my emergency gallbladder surgery this past December keep coming. To date of the total $7906.11 billed, my Highmark insurance paid 75% leaving me with an outstanding bill of $1989.86. With this recent unexpected surgery expense, I was very eager to read Stephen Brill’s comprehensive article about our healthcare problems:Continue reading “The Cost of A Gallbladder”

A View From The Loft

Sunday, November 18, 2012; 5:15 AM Unable to sleep attempting to visualize how thirty-two people will be comfortable and well-fed this coming Thursday, I cuddle up under my favorite quilt on my bedroom loveseat and disappear into Amos Oz’s Scenes from Village Life. This may be the best view in the loft. From the rightContinue reading “A View From The Loft”