The Way- Part II

The PORTUGUESE CAMINO- from Porto to Santiago In 2019, three of us walked the El Camino, going from France to Santiago. Today, back by popular demand, eight of us, leave to experience The Way’s second most popular path, beginning from the south in Portugal and walking north to Santiago. Having done it once with theContinue reading “The Way- Part II”

Going Virtual

In this day, the world is filled with stories. Here is mine: an opportunity of a lifetime having a solo exhibition in a beautiful downtown gallery with weekly demonstrations to be with the public and then a pandemic that requires everyone to stay home. Thank goodness, the sponsoring organization Contemporary Craft is onto creative alternativesContinue reading “Going Virtual”

ReNew: The Words

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery This part of the ReNew Exhibition is a collaboration project with my daughter, Sarah Silk. Together, we are SilkDenim, re-making 100% recycled materials into individually crafted objects. We’re particularly attracted to denim because of its rugged practicality and unique ability to improve with age. ​Using recycled materials requires us toContinue reading “ReNew: The Words”

Renew: The Denim

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery The current #MeToo movement is an expanded global community of survivors from all walks of life highlighting the breadth and impact of a worldwide sexual violence. They demand perpetrators be held accountable and strategies implemented that sustain long term, systemic change. Dina, the daughter of Leah and Jacob,Continue reading “Renew: The Denim”

ReNew: The Quilts

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery Gabriel is the pure spirit identified with the divine attribute of Yesod- the longing to connect. The mantle, like a quilt, serves the practical function of keeping someone warm protecting them from the elements. In this case, it also serves as a symbolic divine representation. The archangel, Rasiel, presidesContinue reading “ReNew: The Quilts”