Going Virtual

In this day, the world is filled with stories. Here is mine: an opportunity of a lifetime having a solo exhibition in a beautiful downtown gallery with weekly demonstrations to be with the public and then a pandemic that requires everyone to stay home. Thank goodness, the sponsoring organization Contemporary Craft is onto creative alternativesContinue reading “Going Virtual”

ReNew: The Words

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery This part of the ReNew Exhibition is a collaboration project with my daughter, Sarah Silk. Together, we are SilkDenim, re-making 100% recycled materials into individually crafted objects. We’re particularly attracted to denim because of its rugged practicality and unique ability to improve with age. ​Using recycled materials requires us toContinue reading “ReNew: The Words”

Renew: The Denim

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery The current #MeToo movement is an expanded global community of survivors from all walks of life highlighting the breadth and impact of a worldwide sexual violence. They demand perpetrators be held accountable and strategies implemented that sustain long term, systemic change. Dina, the daughter of Leah and Jacob,Continue reading “Renew: The Denim”

ReNew: The Quilts

Showing at BNY Mellon Contemporary Craft Satellite Gallery Gabriel is the pure spirit identified with the divine attribute of Yesod- the longing to connect. The mantle, like a quilt, serves the practical function of keeping someone warm protecting them from the elements. In this case, it also serves as a symbolic divine representation. The archangel, Rasiel, presidesContinue reading “ReNew: The Quilts”

Three Seraphim

On view at the 107th Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Annual Exhibition; Westmoreland Museum of American Art; November 9, 1919-January 26th, 2020. I use ordinary textile remnants to create art quilts. This work is one in a series of mantles representing spiritual entities. The mantle, like a quilt, serves the practical function of keeping one warmContinue reading “Three Seraphim”