A Patch Work Life: The Hands On Guide To Living Piece By Piece

Quilt:Voluminous layersCountless hues and valuesEmbedded with meaningPersonal herstoryMinuscule patches that speaks volumesEnsconcing with warmth and protectionHand Stitched patternsEndless sizes, shapes and formsPiecing, Stitching, Darning, Mending, Ripping Producing Quilts:The next one is always better than the one beforeOrganized cutting and construction stepsStaying at the machine until the entire set is piecedProcess over productCreating something original comesContinue reading “A Patch Work Life: The Hands On Guide To Living Piece By Piece”

Moving Through Loss: A Wise Woman Ritual circa 2000

A Letter to the Most Illustrious the Contessina Allagia degli Aldobrandeschi, written Christmas Eve, Anno Domini 1513 I salute you. I am your friend, and my love for you goes deep. There is nothing I can give you which you have not. But there is much, very much, that, while I cannot give it, youContinue reading “Moving Through Loss: A Wise Woman Ritual circa 2000”

The Thousand Zippers

The thousand zippers,One for each timeYou were told to “zip it”.A thousand timesWhen all you were looking forWas an answer,A response,Someone to noticeThat you were alive. Your sizeMade you hard to miss.But even harder to reach.Your hands,Big as the basketballYou spent hours withOn the abandoned playground,Had a gentle touchThat your grandmotherKnew well.You carried herFrom herContinue reading “The Thousand Zippers”

Forty Years and Counting

Today is the opening for Fiberarts International. It’s pretty special. The best and the brightest innovation in a traditionally warm and fuzzy medium. Meeting the artists and the guild organizers yesterday, I am awed by this organization’s influence and support of my personally arduous and circuitous path in an ever changing definition of the fiberContinue reading “Forty Years and Counting”


craft + activism = craftivism. Maker participation that uses the creative process making a stronger more compassionate voice, strengthening personal activism, connecting beyond the self, and making items that facilitate political thought and action. My age old question on the hierarchy of art and craft rears its ugly head: studio art vs fiber art vsContinue reading “Craftivism”

Another Ending Equals Another Beginning

In the fall, I joined the teaching network of SkillShare and created the first four of a series of SkillShare Classes, one of them covered how to make a basic traditional quilt top. The samples I created for that class went on to become 4 different quilts. Two of them I turned into new tableclothsContinue reading “Another Ending Equals Another Beginning”

A New Wall Equals A New Quilt

City Quilt 9-Patch in a 9-Patch Cutter QuiltMaryAnn’s Napkin and TableclothsSadye’s Napkins and TableclothBubbe’s TurtlenecksMaya’s Tee-ShirtHailey’s Denim Shorts RomperIda’s Cable AfghansSadye’s Stocking BagMaya and Hailey’s Baby ShirtsBen’s Sport ShirtsRun Around The Square Tee-ShirtBubbe’s SocksSadye’s Beaded BeltSilkDenim ShirtsLeslie’s silkscreen Bird FabricAmanda’s ChuppahMaurcy Gottlieb PrintBubbe’s Hemp ShirtHeath’s Wool SweaterBubbe’s Wedding DressSarah’s Quilt Backing

Program Application-Artist Statement

For over forty years I have been fashioning fiberart that celebrates the loving and healing capacity of spirit. In the seventies, an article in MS magazine about quilt making as a women’s art form lead me to patchwork as my chosen means of expression. In the eighties, leadership in our local fiberarts guild helped meContinue reading “Program Application-Artist Statement”

Bubbe’s Lady of the Lake 2018

NRM BagPanche Silk Robe TieSarah’s MolasSadye’s Lingerie BagHeath’s Buddah WheelJapanese Kimono FabricIndigo Dress Hem from Victoria,BCRiding PantsJ.Jill Dressy SkirtMax Studio Dress from Annie’s GraduationE.B.Pepper PJ Pants Suit in a BagLeftover KilimHowie’s Tux RemnantsJo’s Handwoven RemnantsHeath’s Corduroy ShirtHand Embroidered Wool Kashmiri Shawl from Tsultrim Allione WorkshopChristmas, Buddha Day, Valentine, Kawanza from 1994 CalendarSilkDenim’s Hand Stitched CorduroyContinue reading “Bubbe’s Lady of the Lake 2018”

Denim by the Pound

Whitewashed figures daven deepConsidering the weight of timeCrushed and torn and cast awayA vintage shore their sanctum.She harvests them, denim by the pound. Her basket brims with archetypesThe demons and the gods alikeDance sacred weft and warpWeavers of the infinite loom.She blesses them, denim by the pound. A Zipper maps the spiritual pathA button unlocksContinue reading “Denim by the Pound”