Preformed at A Gathering of Jewish Learners: 1996 Summer CAJE Conference The performance space is arranged with chairs forming two large concentric circles. The inner circle is made of 26 individually separated chairs. The outer circle has two or three chairs placed side by side behind each of the inner 26 chairs. On the outerContinue reading “KADDISH: A PRAYER PERFORMANCE QUILT”

Upcycle Extreme

One of the biggest problems when deconstructing jeans for SilkDenim projects is what to do with all of the unused zippers? It would be a crime to throw them into the land fill but often it requires more time and energy that it’s worth to make something reusable from them. Thus the assignment was toContinue reading “Upcycle Extreme”

Directions For The Upcycled Denim Cube

Step One: Gather about 20 pairs of baby jeans. Step Two: Deconstruct the jeans into 6″ strips. Step Three: Build 6 blocks starting with a 6″ center and building out to 5 rows across and 5 rows down: Step Four: For the last row of the 6th side, incorporate the snaps of the inner legContinue reading “Directions For The Upcycled Denim Cube”

Quilter Extraordinaire

She said she had a lot of t-shirts. I told her I’m okay with that. I’m used to lots of shirts. I have a well honed system for taking a huge pile of shirts and extracting the logos to condense them into a magnificent, functional, memorable quilt. Still, she had more shirts than I haveContinue reading “Quilter Extraordinaire”

Memory Quilt II

The need to cover a kitchen cart creates a desire to gather more meaningful remnants, listed in no particular order:Kaffe Fassett quilt fabricsborder fabric from Quilting Path Tree QuiltAlexander Henry fabric for Eli’s Quiltleftovers from Maya’s and Hailey’s first quiltMaryAnn’s batik skirtBen’s gatkesSarah’s ikatSilkThread batiksClassic 80s Hoffman border batikSunflower produced Shekianu fabricLeonard’s hand-stitched corduroy shirtFreda’sContinue reading “Memory Quilt II”

A Quilt To Get Excited About

All quilts are special but this one gets special marks- a memory quilt for me of the littlest pieces of left-overs I simply found to meaningful to throw away.Among its many remnants in no particular order:Maryann’s batiksHailey’s pantsEli and Annie’s quiltSteve’s sweaterNana’s afghanA terrible towelJim’s grandma’s quiltTina’s dedicationpajama pants from EB PepperBlack Radish’s curtainfavorite limeContinue reading “A Quilt To Get Excited About”

The True Quilter Self

Getting ready for a vacation creates lots of work- laundry, packing, bill paying, creating itineraries, finishing outstanding commissions, record keeping, sorting out volunteer responsibilities, helping friends and family with projects- plenty to do so I can walk out the door and feel whole- but miten drinen I found myself at the Salvation Army compelled toContinue reading “The True Quilter Self”

Louise Silk: BubbeWisdom: Faith. Belief. Practice: The Exhibit

At this stage of my life, everything fabric, patch, thread, takes on multiple meaning. It’s the same for breath, thought, action and so it is for the three categories of work on display: Bed Quilts made from gleaned scraps of my fabric collection; Kabbalah theme quilts from tee-shirt remnants; work from personal materials of memory.Continue reading “Louise Silk: BubbeWisdom: Faith. Belief. Practice: The Exhibit”