The Essentials-Part II

The selection process is complete and my container is ready to go. I will live from it beginning tomorrow morning, Labor Day. The selection process was most interesting. As I established the categories, the choices were fairly obvious. I have my favorites. I will use a beautiful handmade set of ceramic dishes with a setContinue reading “The Essentials-Part II”

The Essentials-Part I

There are really only two steps to simplifying:Identify what’s most important to you.Eliminate everything else. Leo Babauta The Container is beckoning to me to begin. What will I select to fill it? How will I decide what I need and want? Will I feel deprived once I actually start living out of it? This weekContinue reading “The Essentials-Part I”

Item No. 1 For My Container

This week I selected the first item for my Container. I wanted to work on one special piece of needlework during The Container Project. I will produce an embroidery of my granddaughter, Hailey, fashioned after the embroidery shown above that I did of my granddaughter, Maya, in 2007. I love embroidery, in particular French knots.Continue reading “Item No. 1 For My Container”