Dayneu Quilts: The Zen Circle

A year plus ago, I made the commitment to a 10 Year plan which helped me to zero in on the need to have a one person show- as a kind of summation of My Patchwork Life. This, my seventh one person exhibition, including fourteen quilts following its chapters, will occur in the fall ofContinue reading “Dayneu Quilts: The Zen Circle”

You Too Can Make A Big Bag

Since 2013 Sarah and I have been collaborating as SILKDENIM on the production of recycled Denim. Today, most of our sales come through our ETSY STORE when one our original and best selling products is OUR BIG BAG. Here is the info from our store: Originally inspired by the idea of making the reusable groceryContinue reading “You Too Can Make A Big Bag”

France 2022

Memories of a lifetime with my daughter, Sarah, my granddaughters, Maya & Naomi. We started in Nice, stopped in Eze and spent two nights in Monaco. We rented a car in Monaco and drove through Provence. We ended with a train and four days in Paris. Our favorites, hands down, were people watching, shopping, andContinue reading “France 2022”

Opening Pandora’s Box

some thoughts from Charlotte Joko Beck Now one of the illusions we may have about our practice is that practice will make things more comfortable, clearer, easier, more peaceful, and so on. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of us feel we are separate from life; we feel as if we have aContinue reading “Opening Pandora’s Box”

March 2022 AAP Featured Artist

March 2022 AAP Featured Artist:Louise Silk Tree of Life 21 | 2021 | knit t-shirt remnants, perle cotton, machine pieced and hand quilted | 64 x 58 in.  Louise SilkLouise Silk began her career as a fiber artist by way of a 1972 article in MS Magazine. The gist of the article was that because men had no interest in quilt making,Continue reading “March 2022 AAP Featured Artist”

Minority Inspector

For many years now, I have gone to vote and wondered about those older women sitting behind the folding tables in the basement of my community center. Why were so many older? How and why did they do the job of managing the elections? Was there some kind of inside club outside of my awareness?Continue reading “Minority Inspector”

More On My Grandfather z”l

I have been on an ongoing quest to find how more about my grandfather. as I documented in an earlier blog. Because of that blog, a family genealogist, on the other side of my family, found and sent me his death certificate. It had lots of new information to me: where he was born: Russia;Continue reading “More On My Grandfather z”l”