Next Year Safe and Healthy

Each person in our family received the following list to prepare for Wednesday’s Seder. Maybe you will find it helpful:


For this Stay-at-home Seder, you will prepare your own food. While making your choices, keep in mind what the traditional food represents and select an alternative food easily available to you during these circumstances to use as a replacement. 

Candles and matches- any kind on hand

Soup- Chicken soup is undoubtably the symbol of Jewish cuisine but for this, use your favorite go-to comfort soup, something easily made on hand: packed noodle, canned or boxed soup.

Wine– In our tradition, wine represents the life force and the hope/blessing for fertility. Use whatever drink(s) give you hope for better blessings.

Matza- Our bread of affliction (Deuteronomy 16:3) is made of only two ingredients, water and flour signifying poverty and difficulty. As the bread of freedom it represents the byproduct of God’s swift and miraculous salvation liberating the children of Israel. As the food of faith, it imagines our afflictions as a precursor to redemption and links slavery to freedom. For your matza, choose a simple and unadorned basic nourishing food that gives you hope.

Seder Plate-These food together will serve as our main dish.

beitzah(egg)- represents new life and springtime- traditionally a roasted egg, but consider any form of egg, or any kind of seed or nut, an avocado or avocado pit, or even a flower

karpas(fresh vegetable dipped in salt water)- also spring, renewal, along with the tears of slavery- traditionally parsley- consider anything leafy or celery or avocado, or even a onion.

maror(bitter herbs)-the bitterness of our lives- traditionally horseradish – consider anything spicy.  

charoset(brick mortar)- the hardship of slavery- traditionally a mix of nuts, apples, and wine- try a mix of some kind of fruit and nuts like peanut butter and jelly or granola.

lamb shank, beets- bloodshed required to induce freedom- consider any slice of meat or beets or a yam, anything colorful.

orange(equality)- for all genders and races- this is for something you don’t normally see on a seder plate- so use your imagination.

olives (peace)- What represents peace to you?

carrots(sustainability)- a simple, practical, nutritious food.

potatoes(sustenance)- another basic practical, nutritious food.

fish(merit)- something a little extravagant 

chocolate(fair trade)- something that represents the rights of workers

Ezekiel Sandwich– a combination of any of the above to combine distinct flavors into the harmony of Oneness.

Cup of Miriam and Cup of Elijah– two extra cups one for your favorite drink and one for water.

Dessert- something sweet

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2 thoughts on “Next Year Safe and Healthy

  1. I love the flexibility our seders provide by focusing on the meaning and not on the items themselves OXOXOXO


  2. Thank you for sharing the list of Passover food. I’ll send it on to my family. we’ll be doing a virtual Passover gathering. My niece has organized a Pandemic Passover 2020 via Zoom. Each of us had to select a plague and we have to represent it in some creative way. She said we can be flexible with the food we decide to make. But she said 4 glasses of wine are mandatory–it kills the germs. She said we’ll join in the typical blessing over the washing of the hands. I she promises a virtual reality afikomen search, as well.


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