Ritual For Moving From A Home

  • Candles
  • wine or juice
  • incense or sage
  • something sweet

Start in the main living area, light the candles, and remember the very first time you saw this room. Have a bite to eat and something to drink as you reminisce some important times or events that happened in this room. Light the incense and circle the room. Gassho (hands pressed together in front of the chest) to the room and wish it the freedom to serve future dwellers.

Carry the lite candles, food and drink to the next room and repeat this process. Continue in this manner for every room. Take your time. Take in the memories and the feelings. As you leave each room, turn to thank it for all that it gave you.

When you have been through the whole house, leave by the front door with a final gassho of thanks and respect.

Published by SilkQuilt

Pittsburgh-based fiber artist, Louise Silk, creates art that combines aesthetics and functionality with meaning and memories. From the influence of a 1972 MS Magazine article to the current SILKDENIM label, her quilt experiences culminate in a display of her particular capacity to use her patchwork skills to piece together just about anything into an aesthetic meaningful whole.

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