Counting The Omer Week Three: Tiferet

Tiferet is a challenging sefirot because of our tendency to elevate its importance making it seem central to our successful integration of the divine. The trick is to deflate its central idea of total acceptance and the goodness to be very simply inline with all of the other sefirot– one might call it the zen approach to Kabbalah!

Today, Thursday, being day 18, we have the task of finding the Eternity/Vision/Endurance of Netzach in the Radiance/Balance/Harmony/Truth of Tiferet.

For me, it seems related to my search for my maternal great-grandfather. Trying to find his grave (I will have to return to the cemetery again), I came upon other members of his family, his brother who died in a car accident:

And my great-grandparents-his wife’s parents, Noah and Libbie Golanty, one of whom I was named after:

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