Schmatta For Sale

As I have reported many times before, I have lots and lots of t-shirt remnants and my daughter, Sarah and I are developing products to sell when she graduates from school this spring. My latest idea is to sell large squares of knit fabric to replace tissue- kind of like a hankie but way more.Continue reading “Schmatta For Sale”

Transformed Remnants

Many years ago, I caught Steve going though my garbage removing the discarded ends of t-shirts cut away in the process of making memory quilt commissions. He thought it was a crime for all of that unused fabric to go into a landfill. That brought me to the potential of these remnants and with thatContinue reading “Transformed Remnants”

Mindful Insight

One of the gifts of My Container Project is how it has heightened my mindfulness. I have stepped out of my regular habitual motions and am actively attentive to my limited palette of Container choices. It is fascinating to observe my thoughts and feelings at each particular juncture. For example, yesterday morning I have aContinue reading “Mindful Insight”

The Essentials-Part I

There are really only two steps to simplifying:Identify what’s most important to you.Eliminate everything else. Leo Babauta The Container is beckoning to me to begin. What will I select to fill it? How will I decide what I need and want? Will I feel deprived once I actually start living out of it? This weekContinue reading “The Essentials-Part I”