Lots and Lots of Scraps

The work in my current exhibition is made either of materials of memory or lots and lots of scraps. Here is how they came together: On The Edge; 59”H X 62”W; Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted Tee-Shirt Remnants. Yesh; 60”H X 58”W; Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted Tee-Shirt Remnants. Etz Chaim; 60”H X 56”W; MachineContinue reading “Lots and Lots of Scraps”

A Pillow Turned Rug

It started with these all-weather wicker chairs that we are no longer using. Originally, there were seven and I made patchwork cushions for them out of moth eaten wool clothing and kilim rugs. I could not part with the beautiful textiles and decided to re-purpose them into a patchwork rug. It was an almost impossibleContinue reading “A Pillow Turned Rug”


I really wish I were less of a thinking man and more of a fool not afraid of rejection. Billy Joel The business of an artist is a tough road fraught with multitudes of rejection. Artists have to have tough skin, not take it personally and keep searching for the right showcase for the work.Continue reading “Rejection”

Item No. 1 For My Container

This week I selected the first item for my Container. I wanted to work on one special piece of needlework during The Container Project. I will produce an embroidery of my granddaughter, Hailey, fashioned after the embroidery shown above that I did of my granddaughter, Maya, in 2007. I love embroidery, in particular French knots.Continue reading “Item No. 1 For My Container”