Classic Quilting

Way back in the seventies when I started quilting, there were no special fabric manufacturers for quilt fabrics. Alexander Henry a cotton print textile design house saw a new market and began producing beautiful cutting-edge, original prints for quilters. One of their very best was this peacock feather print. I used the fabric many timesContinue reading “Classic Quilting”

Fabrics Included = Many Memories

Directions:Sew together four half-square 5″ triangles for each finished 6″ block. Make 120 blocks, ten blocks times twelve blocks, for a 60″ X 80″ quilt top. Fabrics included:Rayon print vest, two JJill hemp pants suits, Heath’s pin-whale corduroy shirt, Dad’s golf hankie, Billy Siegal’s mola remnants, Slave Boy remnants, Sun Dog Shirt, Mom’s 75th cremeContinue reading “Fabrics Included = Many Memories”


I really wish I were less of a thinking man and more of a fool not afraid of rejection. Billy Joel The business of an artist is a tough road fraught with multitudes of rejection. Artists have to have tough skin, not take it personally and keep searching for the right showcase for the work.Continue reading “Rejection”

The Essentials-Part II

The selection process is complete and my container is ready to go. I will live from it beginning tomorrow morning, Labor Day. The selection process was most interesting. As I established the categories, the choices were fairly obvious. I have my favorites. I will use a beautiful handmade set of ceramic dishes with a setContinue reading “The Essentials-Part II”