A Quilt To Get Excited About

All quilts are special but this one gets special marks- a memory quilt for me of the littlest pieces of left-overs I simply found to meaningful to throw away.Among its many remnants in no particular order:Maryann’s batiksHailey’s pantsEli and Annie’s quiltSteve’s sweaterNana’s afghanA terrible towelJim’s grandma’s quiltTina’s dedicationpajama pants from EB PepperBlack Radish’s curtainfavorite limeContinue reading “A Quilt To Get Excited About”

It Takes A Life Time

The big question that I am getting lately is- How long does it take you to make that? Oh my, what a loaded question. There are so many factors that go into each and every quilt: the purpose, the budget, the materials, and the use to name the most basic. That requires a face-to-face meetingContinue reading “It Takes A Life Time”

Your Presence is Requested

Using BubbeWisdom, I create art to inspire growth and learning that emphasizes process rather than the achievement of an outcome; moving beyond everyday triviality into a depth of spirit that enacts dignity and humility with love, humor and perspective. Louise Silk Louise Silk:BubbeWisdom now showing at the American Jewish Museum of the JCC of GreaterContinue reading “Your Presence is Requested”

Lots and Lots of Scraps

The work in my current exhibition is made either of materials of memory or lots and lots of scraps. Here is how they came together: On The Edge; 59”H X 62”W; Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted Tee-Shirt Remnants. Yesh; 60”H X 58”W; Machine Pieced and Hand Quilted Tee-Shirt Remnants. Etz Chaim; 60”H X 56”W; MachineContinue reading “Lots and Lots of Scraps”

One Happy Customer

to: Louise Silkdate: Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 1:01 PMsubject: Thank youLouise,My mom and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The quilts are just so wonderful, special and so very, very comforting.What a very special person you to use your talent in such a heartwarming way. We are very blessedContinue reading “One Happy Customer”

Jacob’s Memory Lives

Louise,You created a quilt in remembrance of my six year old son, Jacob. With his 18th birthday coming up, I thought you should know how much your beautiful work of art has comforted me each and every day since then. My wonderful memories of Jacob will never go away and with his quilt hanging inContinue reading “Jacob’s Memory Lives”

Autobiography of a Quilt #8 – The Last Entry

My stepdaughter, Dana, lives in Braddock, part of a collective called Transformazium. She is involved in many projects but the one that has caught my heart is General Sisters. I included one of their prints on my quilt. One of Dana’s favorite places to shop is The National Council of Women’s Thriftique. On one ofContinue reading “Autobiography of a Quilt #8 – The Last Entry”